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Priority Membership FAQs

First Team News | 18th September 2020


What is the new Priority Membership?

Cardiff Blues have launched a new Priority Membership to give fans the opportunity to get behind the team and maintain their membership tenure during these unprecedented times – in which the club are unable to offer a traditional Season Membership package.

Priority Members will have priority access to any match-day tickets that become available in the 2020/21 season at a discounted price. Any remaining tickets will be on a first come first served basis to non members.

Should a Season Membership product become available during the 2020/21 season, Priority Members will receive an automatic discount on this.

There are also a host of other exclusive member-only benefits included.

What are the benefits of becoming a Priority Member?

Priority Access to Match Ticket Ballot at a discounted price

Discount on Season Memberships should they become available

Priority Access to International Ticket Ballot

Retail discount - 10% in store.

Cardiff Blues partner benefits and discounts - we are currently working with our partners, sponsors, suppliers and other contacts to provide bigger and better benefits and discounts than ever before. 

Exclusive digital events and content - again we are working to create a calendar of digital events, which will hopefully be replaced by physical attendance as the current situation eases.

When can I purchase a Priority Membership?

Priority Memberships will be available from Friday 18th September 2020.

If tickets become available, how many can I buy with my Priority Membership?

Each Priority Member will be entitled to one ticket should tickets become available via a ticket ballot.

Please note that we do not anticipate exceeding the limited capacity the Arms Park may be restricted to.

Why are there no concessions on Priority Memberships?

This is because the membership does not guarantee match access. Should tickets or mid-season memberships become available the Priority Membership discount will be applicable to all of our usual ticket classifications including senior and student.



I donated the outstanding value on my 2019-20 Membership, how is that being recognised?

We had initially hoped to adorn a playing jersey with the names of all of those members who donated their outstanding value, however this was not feasible due to the time frames we operate within.

We are currently awaiting clarification of how and when we will return to Cardiff Arms Park before confirming the exact location of a physical acknowledgement of members who donated, while there will also be a page on our website. 

During the 2019/20 season I had a seated Season Membership. I would like to keep my seat but I do not wish to purchase the Priority Membership?

We completely understand and appreciate that the Priority Membership may not be suitable for all 2019/20 Season Members due to the ongoing pandemic. Some Season Members may have reservations over attending future games due to the addition of social distancing guidelines.

We understand this situation and consequently 2019/20 Season Members will have the first chance to buy their seat whenever we can next sell a full Season Membership in the future.

If I purchase a Priority Membership and I purchase match tickets or a mid-season membership would my usual seat be available?

Should we be able to host games with a crowd, we will follow the social distancing guidelines provided by the Welsh Government. It is likely that a number of seats will not be used in order to adhere to the guidelines. As a result, we cannot guarantee that Season Members seats will be available. In addition, due to social distancing terrace options may not be available.



I selected to have credit on my 2019/20 Season Membership, what happens now?

If you chose the option of credit, this amount is in your account and you can choose to use this credit to purchase a Priority Membership. Alternatively, you can leave the credit in your account to use towards future events.

Where can I view my credit?

You can view your credit by following the steps below:

Log-in to your E-Ticketing account

Once you have signed into your account, your balance will be displayed in the notification panel and can also be found under the ‘My Account’ menu.

How do I use my credit?

To use your credit, add your membership to the basket and then proceed to checkout. At the payment method stage, your credit will be shown. Select “Use Credit” and enter the amount you wish to use, then click “Apply Credit”. At this stage you can still edit the amount you wish to use by clicking “Edit Amount”. When you are happy with the amount of credit you have selected, you can complete your order. If there is still a balance to be paid you will be asked to pay the remainder by debit/credit card.

Do I have to use all of my credit at the same time?

No, you are able to select the amount you wish to use and can leave the remaining credit in your account to use towards future events.



Is there going to be a Junior Priority Membership, and who can purchase it?

Yes, Junior Memberships are available and priced at £30. These are available to Under 16s as of 18th September 2020.

Does a Full Priority Membership need to be purchased when buying a Junior Priority Membership?

Yes, due to safeguarding regulations any Under 16s will need to be accompanied by an adult when attending fixtures. Therefore, should a Junior Priority Member be successful in obtaining tickets they will need to be accompanied by a Full Priority Member.