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Peter Thomas tribute - Alun Jones

Corporate | 30th March 2023

As a lifelong Cardiff Rugby supporter I can fully understand the huge outpouring of emotion we have seen today at the news of Peter’s passing. It is testament to his extraordinary contribution to rugby, his warm personality and the way he touched the lives of so many people. 

It was an incredible privilege for me to succeed Peter as chair of Cardiff Rugby in 2018, and I was enormously grateful for his support and guidance as our Life President. 

He remained actively involved in the running of the club right until the end. His dedication and passion for the club was simply staggering.  He was a steadfast mentor, who was always such a positive influence and a guiding voice, and he became a close friend. 

If it was not for Peter, Cardiff Rugby would not be here today and we are eternally grateful for all of his support. His legacy was to ensure the financial security of the club and the fact that he was so committed to this in his final days is both humbling and awe-inspiring. 

He was also a huge proponent of the WRU’s governance reforms and he was delighted when he was informed of the positive outcome on Sunday. He will be at rest knowing the game he loves is now able to move forward.

In terms of Cardiff Rugby, we are fully committed to fulfilling Peter’s wishes to see the club succeed at the very highest level. 

Diolch o galon, Peter.