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Cardiff Blues stars help out with bone marrow donor search

13th July 2007

Rhys Harris is just like any other normal 6 year old boy - he and his brother Morgan love to play rugby.

However, Rhys has an extremely rare, life threatening genetic disorder and is in desperate need of a good Bone Marrow match.

The Cardiff Blues were delighted to welcome the young boys to their training centre at Hensol Castle, were they met Cardiff Blues stars Nicky Robinson, Mark Lewis and Robin Sowden-Taylor. The young brothers were full of energy and a handful as they wrestled the rugby ball from the players and rang rings around them.

Speaking outside the training centre, Rhys’ father Kevin Harris said

“We’ve had some great news. We had a phone call last Thursday, saying that have found a match for Rhys. It’s not a perfect match but a good enough match for them to hold. It’s absolutely fantastic news and now he can fight the fight, and we are all looking forward to a nice summer before his treatment starts. There are still children and people dying all over the world who need bone marrow transplant so finding donors could make all the difference.”

“Its wonderful news that Rhys now has a fighting chance and that it’s possible to go ahead with the treatment which is a huge step forward,” added mother Dawn.

Bone marrow is where blood cells are formed. Healthy people have a reserve of marrow which is constantly being renewed but patients with some blood disorders such as Rhys don't have these reserves.

If you think you can help children such as Rhys by volunteering do donate bone marrow please contact the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry Office on FREEPHONE 0800 371502