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Uber Eats fuel Cardiff Rugby in quarantine

Corporate | 7th January 2022

Uber Eats once used the slogan “Food delivered wherever life takes you”, and they lived true to their word as Cardiff Rugby were stuck in quarantine. 

A flavour of recent weeks has been not only semi-professional players and fans rallying in support of the club but sponsors too with Matrix Fitness supplying exercise equipment and Pro Athlete Supplements nutritional products.

But equally important was the support given by on kit partners Uber Eats who literally did “Bring It”.

The food delivery service swiftly organised a significantly discounted business account for the club, which allowed those stuck in quarantine a daily allowance to order their favourite takeaway treats of essentials.

Cardiff Rugby Chief Operating Officer, Rhys Blumberg said: “The support we have received across the board was fantastic and quite humbling at times.

Uber Eats are another example of a valued partner going above and beyond to assist us at a difficult time and it was enormously appreciated.

“Those in quarantine faced 10 to 15 days in isolation, some without the ability even to go outside for exercise, and giving them the increased ability to order from Uber Eats was a brilliant gesture of goodwill and support.

“It not only gave the players and staff a much needed pick-me-up with a favourite takeaway or sweet treat but played an important nutritional role.

“While the hotel provided three meals a day, it was not always of the quality or quantity required, particularly for professional athletes and Uber Eats allowed us to significantly supplement this.

“The boys are all pretty sensible, especially during a period of such limited activity, and they were able to order high-quality meals to meet their nutritional needs and ensure they were in as good a condition as possible when they left quarantine. 

“We cannot thank the likes of Uber Eats enough for their support during these unprecedented times and we look forward to continuing to work together.”

The likes of Turtle Bay, sushi and local Italian restaurants were all popular among the quarantined 48. 

And while the Uber Eats sponsorship is largely based around exposure, they were more than happy to come to the club’s aid during trying times.

Caitlin Bryant said: “After such unprecedented and unfortunate circumstances affected Cardiff Rugby during the last month, Uber Eats were more than happy to show our support and try to make the experience of those facing lengthy isolation more bearable.

“We are glad to see all players and staff have now returned home and look forward to seeing what the club have install for 2022, particularly after witnessing the inspirational teamwork, support and determination shown in abundance by the whole club recently.

“We have been partnered for 18 months now and our ever-strengthening relationship has helped us propel Uber Eats to the number one food ordering platform in Cardiff”

Uber Eats is Cardiff's biggest food delivery platform, and its local team has supported Cardiff's independent restaurants, bars and cafes as they pivoted to delivery service during the pandemic.

The food delivery app is available in more than 120 towns and cities across the UK, including: Aberdeen, Bath, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Southampton, Swindon, Windsor and York. Using the app, you can order from 17,000+ restaurants with an average delivery time of under 30 minutes.