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Supporters Quiz League Week 2

16th October 2003

Supporters Quiz Week 2 Questions are online now, click here to play>>

The answers to week one of the Cardiff Blues Supporters Quiz are below.

Who won the 2002 WomenÂ’s World Cup in Barcelona?
Ans New Zealand

Which player has scored the most overall points in one Rugby World Cup tournament?
Ans Grant Fox 126 points

Kingsholm is the home ground for which Zurich Premiership side?
Ans: Gloucester

In which year did Pieter Muller sign for Cardiff?
Ans: 2000

Which player has scored the most drop goals in a World Cup game?
Ans J De Beer

Cardiff RFC were initially known as what?
Ans: Pirates

Which team won the 2003 Super 12 competition?
Ans: Auckalnd Blues

Which player has scored the most tries in the World Cup?
Ans: Jonah Lomu

In which Australian state do Wales play their first Rugby World Cup 2003 pool game?
Ans: Victoria

Which rugby league club did Dai Young play for between 1990 and 1996?
Ans: Salford

Week two questions are online now.