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Statement on Resale of Wales v England Tickets

3rd February 2005

There have been a number of instances reported to the club of tickets for the above match, allocated by the Ticket Office, appearing on the Internet auction site eBay.

Investigations have been made as to the recipients of these tickets and the following letter has been dispatched

Dear X


I write with reference to the above ticket allocated to you via the alphabetical rotation system. It has been brought to my attention that this ticket has been offered for sale on the Internet auction site EBay.

Whereas you, personally, may not have offered the ticket for sale, as the person to which we issued the ticket, it is your responsibility to ensure its final recipient.

The conditions of issue of the ticket state :
b) it will not be resold for more than it's face value. If this ticket is obtained in breach of this condition it will be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by it will be nullified.

As such the conditions have been breached.

With many of Cardiff & Cardiff Blues fans unable to gain tickets for such a popular match we have received numerous complaints about this and other such incidents.

On this occasion the club will not be taking action against yourself, however all future offers of International Tickets will carry a rider that should a ticket offered to a member be found to be resold for more than face value the member to which the ticket was issued by the club will be excluded from involvement in ticket draws for the foreseeable future.

Should you wish to discuss this matter, then please contact me on 029 2030 2000

Yours sincerely

Andrew Thomas
Operations Manager

The club is disappointed by these incidents, and as stated in the letter above the following statement will feature on all future offers of tickets.

Should this offer of tickets be accepted and the club find they have been sold above face value you will be excluded from involvement in ticket draws for the foreseeable future.