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Sponsors Focus: Eden Park

16th April 2005

In an era of professional sport it is necessary that commercial partnerships are formed and whilst occasionally these may appear to be marriages of convenience, the union of The Blues with Eden Park is so natural Cupid could have sent out the YTS cherub to clinch the deal.

Why so? The answer is simple, rugby in Cardiff is part of the fabric of life, just as it was for the creators of Eden Park. Like all rugby players they existed within a brotherhood; however this band of players possessed a sense of style and occasion that was magnificent even by Gallic standards!! As players with Racing Club de France they were not going to let the business of winning the National French Championship get in the way of having a good time.

Advancing the case for humour within rigour they played various matches wearing either Bermuda shorts or Blazers, they pitched up for a quarter final on bikes sporting berets and strings of onions. Most famously they won the Final in 1987 wearing, what has now become the trademark, a Pink Bow Tie (having been served champagne at half time!).

From famous French elegance to chic casual clothes everyone can find in the Eden Park range the spirit of those magical days. As such, Eden Park now dresses the Rugby World, which brings us to more common ground between The Blues and Eden Park. Eden Park are not only official suppliers of formal wear to Cardiff Blues but also to Wales and the 2005 British & Irish Lions, in the same way as Cardiff and The Blues have been an official supplier of players to Wales and the Lions for many years. Truly a marriage made in rugby heaven.

By Rik O'Shea