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RSK teams up with Cardiff Rugby to drive sustainability success

Corporate | 30th August 2023

RSK, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, and its Cardiff-based environmental services company MSS Group are partnering with Cardiff Rugby to use their expertise to help the club achieve its sustainability goals. And the partnership already has players such as utility forward Josh Turnbull and flanker Ellis Jenkins talking about their own sustainability goals.

RSK and MSS Group, both principal partners and shirt sponsors, and another RSK environmental business, Nature Positive, will work with Cardiff Rugby to help the club evaluate and reduce its environmental impact by examining a range of factors including team and supporter travel to matches, recycling and food and beverage packaging and waste management along with examining sustainable energy options such as solar power.

RSK Sport & Leisure Director Wayne Mumford said: “RSK is an enthusiastic supporter of sport and, like MSS, which has been supporting the club for more than a decade, we’re looking forward to working with Cardiff Rugby to take our relationship beyond the rugby pitch. We know how passionate the club is about its commitment to its community. Through the Cardiff Blues Community Foundation, it uses the power and values of sport to inspire, engage and improve opportunities for communities. The environmental impact of all we do and the choices that we make affect all of us, and we hope to work with the club and the foundation to talk about how we can all make a difference every day.”

Cardiff players Josh Turnbull and Ellis Jenkins prioritise sustainability in their own lives and said they hope to learn more from RSK.

Josh said: “I’m quite environmentally conscious and I’m very aware of things like single-use plastic, staying away from that wherever possible, and teaching my kids good habits around recycling, reusing and reducing waste. It’s something I’ve become more and more aware of with the increasing exposure of the climate crisis, how much plastic there is in the oceans and things like that. Ultimately, we want this planet to be here for a very long time after us for our kids, their kids and so on. The more sustainable and responsible we can be in all areas of life, the longer we will have this planet.

“We’ve had an environmental committee, and as a playing group we are very aware of the challenges and are always driving to be more sustainable in our environment. I was at Glastonbury recently, and it was quite an eye opener in terms of how much recycling there is available, the way tents are recycled and turned into flags and sculptures are made out of recycled products.”

He added: “RSK is clearly driving the standards of sustainability, and as a club we want to be part of that. If it can help us drive those standards, collaborate and work with other partners to be more sustainable, then that is brilliant.”

Ellis agreed, saying: “I have always been passionate about the environment and sustainability, so it is great to see the club continue its partnership with MSS Group, and now its parent company RSK, which is such a major player within that space.

“We already have many sponsors and suppliers who promote sustainability, such as Octopus Energy and our waste management company, so it is great to bring all of this together and take it to a new level with RSK coming on-board.

“Personally, I am also trying to make small changes such as only buying locally sourced meat to ensure it is farmed responsibly and the food miles are as low as possible. I am really excited to see how this partnership develops in the coming years and how much difference we can all make. Having RSK on-board will not only help make us more sustainable as a club but also educate us in ways we can all improve our lifestyles to reduce our footprint on the planet.”