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Regional Youth Scheme

4th January 2012

Last season the Cardiff Blues launched the Regional Youth Scheme which provides a link between the Cardiff Blues and youth groups throughout our region.

Through this scheme we were able to support local youth groups by providing a fundraising opportunity through a ticket scheme.

The ticket scheme was very successful last season and this season we hope to be able to grow the ticket scheme and continue to build relationships with our local youth groups.

Please find full details of the ticketing scheme below:

• Each group can purchase up to 100 junior match tickets for their chosen Cardiff Blues home match at £2 each - the match day value of the tickets is £10

• For every 10 junior tickets purchased, 2 adult tickets can be purchased at the discounted rate of £2 (match day value £22).

• A minimum of 10 tickets must be purchased

• Extra adult tickets can be purchased at £10 (match day value £22). The number of adult tickets purchased must not exceed the number of junior tickets purchased.

• Cardiff Blues will require the total payment from each group prior to the distribution of tickets.

• Each group is within its rights to distribute their batch of tickets how they see appropriate within the group: amongst members, as competition prizes, achievement incentives or internally among staff.

• Each group can dictate the price of any ticket they sell, up to the match day value, therefore an effective way of raising money for your group.

• Orders must be placed and paid for at least 3 working days before the chosen match.

To register your community group for the Regional Youth Scheme please email [email protected]