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On the Double

9th March 2005

John Huw Williams coached a double session with Year 6 pupils at Radyr primary yesterday to introduce the children to TAG rugby.

In each session the boys and girls were split in to two groups to learn different ball handling skills and progressively build up their ability to run with the ball and pass it to each other.

John Huw said,

“its very important that we teach these boys and girls at a young age how to play with a rugby ball. The skills of passing, catching and running with the ball are obviously integral to the game and by working with the children at this age we are widening participation of the sport, to help deliver future players.

Mrs Pryce’s year 6 class were a credit to themselves listening and learning to every word from their teacher and Capital Rugby coach.

The session culminated with the children trying to score a try. At first in teams of two against one defender, the girls then the boys began the task. After each attempt the number of players involved at one stage increased until seven attackers were trying to score against five in defence, almost a full TAG game scenario. Passing was the key to success in this game with John Huw defining to the children the meaning of the word “pass”, as the ease in which the receiver is able to catch the ball from their team- mate.

Mrs Pryce commented after the session,

“its wonderful to have John here today. We really appreciate having a skilled coach from outside the school come and teach the children how to play the sport. You can see for yourself that the children enjoy the sessions and learn so much from his coaching.”

With the children finishing their session for lunch, it was only half-time for John as the second Year 6 class would have the opportunity to benefit from his experience later in the afternoon.

All the pupils received Cardiff Blues tattoo stickers and tickets to last weekend’s Celtic League game at the Arms Park against Munster.