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News article - Style G 2278

28th April 2006

With respect to the Cardiff Blues versus Leinster Celtic League game now scheduled for Sunday 14th May at the Millennium Stadium, the conditions of sale for each ticket at this venue are below

1. This ticket is issued on condition that (a) It will not be used as a prize in any lottery or competition or for any other promotional or advertising purpose unless expressly authorised in writing by the Millennium Stadium PLC (‘’MSPLC’’) and (b) it will not be re-sold for more than its face value. If this ticket is obtained in breach of this condition, it will be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by it will be nullified.
2. If the match is cancelled or postponed, a refund will be available in accordance with the ticket refund policy of the MSPLC, obtainable from MSPLC. If the match is eventually played, this ticket will be valid for the later date.
3. This ticket is issued subject to the ground rules of the stadium operator, Millennium Stadium plc (‘’MS’’) on display outside each stadium entrance, and on condition that none of the MSPLC and their respective servants and agents will be liable for loss, injury or damage to the ticket holder unless caused by their act or omission.
4. Admission cannot be guaranteed if the ticket holder arrives at the stadium less than 30 minutes before the advertised kick off time. If admission is refused, no money will be refunded. The ticket holder shall not be entitled to re-admission on leaving the stadium.
5. Entry to the stadium will be denied to any person carrying alcohol, any drink container, airhorn, or any article (for example, a firework or flag stick) which may be used as a weapon or missile.
6. Please be aware that smoking is not permitted in any area of the stadium.
7. No duplicate ticket will be issued in the event of the original ticket being misplaced or lost.