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Is your money safer in metal than a bank vault?

19th September 2016

So the banks have chipped even more off the interest rates, and property may or may not be the answer in this post-Brexit market, so the real safe place to put your investments is? Classic metal. A safe bet when chosen wisely, and great fun to "road test" on the weekends too.

Let's use an entry level classic as an example: this Porsche 944 was bought 2 years ago as an MOT failure, it wasn't a basket case (avoid them, and unfinished projects, if you want a return before your grandkids can drive) but it needed a lot of freshening up, new sills, brakes and a little suspension work.

It sold at that point for £750. It's just been valued at upwards of £6200. The cost of works currently stands at £3200, making a total return of at least 57%.  
You also need to have a feel - or grab the ears of a market insider - for what's currently "undervalued". Going back to the Porsche, at the time of purchase, good condition similar models were going for anywhere between £2500-3800.

Now, they're easily fetching £5-6.5k for this model, and those with time on their hands could easily wait for a buyer willing to pay a premium for a tidy example.

Other examples are the BMW e30 models, and the Jaguar XJS - both unloved for many years and now sought after, albeit a fairly slow start in respect to the Jag. And don't think this is exclusively for the mid to upper end of the market - a reasonably tidy Skoda Estelle, which you couldn't give away in the 90's, now fetches a good few grand, Fiat 125s and 126s, Citroen 2CVs and the like are also good options at entry level.
One caveat, I feel I must add, any work carried out must be designed to add quality and worth to the car: it's no good taking it to your local backstreet welder for some patches before giving the repairs a quick rattle can finish...the rat look may be in for certain sections of the car scene, but it doesn't add value.
So, remember, when reinvesting that ISA, look more towards your Autotrader than Zoopla: after all, you can't drive bricks and mortar.

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