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FTN official supplier deal with Blues

23rd October 2013

Wholefood super drink, FTN, has signed an official supplier agreement with Blues. The deal will see Blues supplement the nutraceutical drink into their daily fitness and health plans.

Trystan Bevan, Head of Physical Performance at Blues, said: “We’re always looking for new and innovative approaches to player fitness and overall well being, which is why we were interested in meeting with the FTN team. FTN is an all natural product which promises to help support the body’s natural repair process – something invaluable for our players.”

Daren O’Dea, FTN Sports Asset Director, added: “In terms of physical demands, rugby is one of the most challenging on the human body, which is why we looked at partnering with Cardiff Blues to begin with.

“Blues are well known for their innovative and fresh approach to player training, nutrition and overall well being, which is why FTN is the perfect addition to the players routine – to help them recover quicker and remain stronger over time.”

Available in 60ml Citrus and Super Berry shots, FTN is an all natural patented blend of five wholefood ingredients designed to provide your body the protection and nutrients it needs to support its natural repair and renewal process, and all backed by independent published research. To find out more visit