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Foundation prove there is a jersey for all

Community | 25th March 2024

Cardiff Rugby Community Foundation hosted two successful Disability Six Nations events last week - proving there is a jersey for all. 

The sessions were the culmination of a six week programme, which was delivered predominantly to SEN and ALN pupils, with one staged at in Abercynon and the other in Cardiff. 

Foundation director Nadine Griffiths said: “Events like this are all about making sure we provide opportunities for everybody.

“We cover five unitary authorities. So to make sure we provide real meaningful opportunities, we have split this event. 

“We've got a North Six Nations event and a South Six Nations event. It means we can get as many kids down here, having as much fun as possible. 

“These events are integral to what we do in the foundation and that is just really inspiring, engaging and providing opportunities for everybody. So whatever your background, these are the days that we like to put on to make sure that you're all involved, we have a great time and there is really a Jersey for all.

“It's brilliant for us because we get to work with our partners and in particular with this one with Hugh James and Cardiff and Vale College who've provided this great facility. 

“It also gives us a chance to upskill some coaches so with all the boys and girls that are on our level three BTEC today helping out coaching and just making sure the day runs smoothly and everybody has a great time.”