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Davies delighted with Cardiff Blues debut try

8th November 2018

Ioan Davies admits he was delighted to cross for debut try in Cardiff Blues' Syft International Challenge victory over Uruguay.

Within minutes of being introduced into the game, the young full back got on the end of a Dan Fish crossfield kick, before skipping past a pair of Uruguayan defenders to finish spectacularly.

Davies was happy to get the opportunity to make a mark on John Mulvihill and the Cardiff Blues coaches, and believes the youngsters involved had impact on the end-result.

"I was really chuffed with scoring the try. It was a good kick out by Dan Fish, and I managed to finish, so I’m happy,” said Davies.

“I’m sure Fishy will be happy with making his 100th appearance for the region. He’s had a really good career here at Cardiff Blues and he certainly deserved to enjoy the occasion against Uruguay.

“I’m happy to keep doing what the coaches ask of me, and I was delighted to get the opportunity to run out against Uruguay.

“These opportunities don’t come around too often so I was just delighted to gain the valuable experience from the game.

“We’re very happy as a team. It was a tough game because Uruguay brought a powerful gameplan with them.

“But we dealt with that quite well, and that saw us coming away with the win in the end.

“We had a lot of young boys out there, who managed to put in impressive performances and hopefully impressed the coaches who were watching.

“We expected Uruguay to turn up with a big and powerful side, but also boys who could play with a bit of tempo.

“We prepared for that during the build up and looked at ways of getting around them, which would give us the best chance of getting the win.”