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Cardiff Rugby signs new partnership with tiQtoQ

Corporate | 8th March 2024

Cardiff Rugby are pleased to agree a new commercial partnership with tiQtoQ - an independent quality assurance and test specialist organisation.

tiQtoQ have signed a new, two-year commercial partnership to provide the club with technological support.

As part of the partnership, the Cardiff-based business will benefit from brand exposure opportunities, community involvement and hospitality.

tiQtoQ Chief Executive, Pete Jones said: “It gives me great personal pleasure to announce this partnership with Cardiff Rugby.

“I've been a supporter since I was a young boy and a season ticket holder for many, many years.

As a business myself, Paul and Neil believe it's important to support the community in which we operate and Cardiff Rugby exemplifies this through nurturing young players and broader health and social programmes for kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We feel privileged to work with a globally recognised brand such as Cardiff Rugby and we look forward to a sustained and mutually beneficial partnership.”