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Cardiff Blues spread Christmas cheer on hospital visits across the region

19th December 2018

Cardiff Blues took time out of their Christmas schedule to spread some festive cheer around Children's Wards across the region.

In total, virtually the entire Blues squad and players, visited Noah’s Ark and Ronald McDonald House at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant, Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr and Ty Hafan in Sully.

Cardiff Blues head coach John Mulvihill joined players visiting children at Noah’s Ark and he admits it was a hugely beneficial experience for the players, which hopefully gave those in need some brief relief.

Mulvihill said: “It puts life into perspective. We think we have problems in our own lives but it’s not as much as is going on in the lives of the people here. 

“It was tough as a parent to see mums and dads with their little ones struggling but all of our love and laughter goes to them. Hopefully we put a smile on their faces and help them through this tough time.

“I want our guys to understand that life is not just about them, they need to have some awareness of what goes on around them and we certainly saw people going through tough times and hopefully we held relieve that for a short period.


“Our preparation this week going into the Dragons and the other derbies is important but they also have that awareness that people at this time of the year are doing it tough. 

“It was good for the boys to see and you could see in their faces that some of them took it tough but they will be better for it from the experience and giving back to the community around us.

“I hope they enjoyed today, I hope they reflect on what they have seen and how grateful they are to be healthy, happy and with their families this Christmas.”

While Mulvihill was among a large contingent at the University Hospital of Wales, George Earle and Owen Lane were part of a smaller group visiting Ty Hafan.

The hospice in Penarth is one of the UK's leading paediatric palliative care charities and offers care to children and support for their families, throughout Wales. Since opening in 1999, Ty Hafan has supported more than 600 life-limited children.

Earle said: “It puts your life in perspective to see people, it shows you have nothing to complain about and that we are perfectly healthy. It just makes you very grateful.

Lane added: “It was thought provoking for us and like George said, it puts things in perspective. If we can spread a bit of positivity and bring a bit of joy at what is probably quite a difficult time for the kids and their families. 

“It’s Christmas and some of them probably won’t be able to go home for Christmas, they will have to stay here.”