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Cardiff Blues Community Foundation join forces with WRU for Rookie Rugby

Community | 6th March 2020

The Cardiff Blues Community Foundation have joined forces with the Welsh Rugby Union in a bid to introduce 10,000 school girls to rugby this season.

The ‘Rookie Rugby’ programme kicked off this week with a bumper schedule of events held across Wales, including in the Cardiff Blues region.

The Cardiff Blues Community Foundation coaches were at the state-of-the-art indoor facilities at University of South Wales, Trefforest, earlier this week with girls from local schools invited to take part in a variety of rugby-related activities.

As well as using the inflatable cage, the activities also incorporated other sports into the rugby drills, with Rugby FITT, Rugby Netball and Rugby Football being played on the days.

On Friday, Rookie Rugby sessions were also held at Bryn Celynnog, and the aim of the week is to increase overall participation.

Cardiff Blues’ girls rugby officer, Gavin Clement, said: “This is a fantastic initiative and it’s all about giving these girls a taste for rugby and an opportunity to get involved.

“We’ve had a fantastic week of activities up in USW, with more sessions to be held at Bryn Celynnog on Friday.

“There’s been a real encouragement because you can see the enjoyment those taking part have had throughout the week.

“The next step is to build on this. We continue to grow our engagement numbers with various groups around the region, and this is another way of ensuring that rugby is a game for everyone.”

The week also launches the new season for all female community rugby in Wales which all now comes under the Female Hub banner.

For more information on Rookie Rugby and how you can get involved, please click HERE