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Cardiff Blues Community Foundation continue to ensure a 'Jersey For All' at Disability Six Nations

Community | 13th March 2020

Cardiff Blues Community Foundation continued their mission to ensure there is a ‘Jersey For All’ as they welcomed children from across the region to University of South Wales on Thursday for a hugely successful Disability Six Nations.

Following the success of the Disability World Cup last year, the Community Foundation held a rugby-packed day at Trefforest, with four schools from within the region in attendance.

The children in attendance were treated to a day full of rugby-related activities and games, competing against each other and representing adopted countries.

The Community Foundation’s disability officer, and Wales Women star, Kelsey Jones said: “We’ve had so much fun going on with loads of rugby games and activities.

“We’ve had four schools in attendance and everyone has had so much fun and they’re enjoying.

“It’s a chance to get a ball in hand and meet some other children who might have similar disabilities and giving everyone a chance to enjoy and get involved.

“We want to progress this event and make it bigger and better each time, by ensuring everyone is enjoying and getting involved in whatever way they can.

“It’s a great facility at University of South Wales as it’s indoor with loads of room and space, and it’s nice to see everyone, not matter what their disability is, joining in today.

“We live by our values and the ‘Jersey For All’, and that’s our main mission.

“We want to get more kids joining us and to continue to grow.

“We’re always looking to create more opportunities for everyone, and creating that Jersey For All ensures everyone can join in.”

One of the children in attendance was Harri Phillips of Greenfield Special School in Merthyr Tydfil, who were representing Italy.

Harri said: “Everyone is getting to experience sport and are learning about sport and it’s good to get everyone involved.

“It’s good that people are enjoying it even if they’ve never played or watched sports before.

“It’s about everyone being here today and I think everyone has been doing really well. 

“Everyone is getting involved and that’s what is nice to see. All around the rugby world people are enjoying themselves.”

For more information on Cardiff Blues Community Foundation’s disability programme, please contact [email protected]