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Boss wants Rugby World Cup stars fresh

13th October 2015

Head Coach Danny Wilson admits he has been impressed by his trio of incoming overseas Rugby World Cup stars - but was vowed not to rush them into action too soon.

USA international duo Blaine Scully and Cam Dolan plus Samoa star Rey Lee-Lo have all visited the training ground in recent weeks to check out their new home.

However, despite USA and Samoa both exiting the showpiece tournament, Wilson is keen that all three start their Cardiff Blues careers full recovered and ready to hit the floor running.

“We caught up with two American signings, Cam Dolan and Blaine Scully, on Monday and Rey-Lee Lo previous to that,” he said.

“All three have played a huge amount of rugby and have been on the go, like our Welsh internationals, such June.

“They are carrying some bumps and need to mentally freshen up. We will give them a short period of time off to do that, especially as we now go into a 16-week run of games.

“It’s important they start here fresh and for the long haul, not rush them back for short term. We will get the new guys up to speed with what we are doing.

“Cam is having a week off then will come into us while Blaine is slightly longer as he needs to catch up with family back home and get his situation sorted to come back.

“The same applies to Rey who has returned home to bring his family back. They will all be available in the coming weeks.

“Individually they are quality players who will add to our squad and we are looking forward to getting them in,” he added.

“All three have gone well and all three have played a huge amount of rugby in the tournament. I have been impressed with what I have seen, but I need to get to know these players.”