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Boss delighted to secure quarter-finals

24th January 2015

Director of Rugby Mark Hammett is pleased by Cardiff Blues bonus point winning performance in tough conditions in France.

Cardiff Blues took maximum points in Grenoble and qualified for the quarter-finals of the Challenge Cup. The game saw tries from Lloyd Williams and Josh Navidi, with two penalty tries in snowy conditions.

Speaking about the performance Blues Boss Mark Hammett said, “It was an enjoyable game to watch, the half time score didn’t reflect it but we felt very confident.

“We had a positive half time talk with the lads around continuing to do the things we were doing and to place a bit more emphasis on the ball carrier, just a bit more accuracy in the contact.

“Obviously the conditions were a wee bit slippery and the ball was a wee bit bobbly at the back of those rucks which slowed a few things down,” he added.

“At the end of the day we should be satisfied with how we travelled and how we played.”

“We have seen now for a couple of weeks that standards are in place and are concrete. That is always a challenge because the next time you go out that doesn’t just happen.

“We talked about that and how we are moving on to a new phase and that people are now into different challenges; internationals and LVs. It’s now about maintaining standards and watching them grow.”

“But all these challenges we have faced will make us stronger and help us grow and when we come back to this competition in a month, hopefully we will be in an even better position,” said Hammett.

“We can be confident in areas of our game against any opposition but we know it’s going to be tough in the quarter-final and we will probably go in as under-dogs. But that is an exciting challenge.”

“It is wonderful to be representing the region in the quarter- finals, it’s fantastic.”