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Blues Surge To Fifth Place

6th March 2004

The Blues have surged to fifth place in the Celtic League after beating Leinster Lions 22-18 in Dublin.

Coach David Young admitted it was not a pretty game to watch when he said,

"There was very little continuity chiefly because the referee failed to control the tackle area and we consequently couldn't generate any momentum."

He added, "We were so much better than Leinster but because of the stop-start nature of the play the game degenerated into a dog fight. But the important thing is we have continued our winning run. Six months ago we would have lost a match like this but we are now far more street-wise and the results over the last few weeks show that."

One casualty of the match was Matt Cockbain, who played outstandingly well before suffering a suspected broken nose. Rob Appleyard was red-carded in the closing stages.