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Ask the Ref 1

23rd August 2007

Welcome to the 1st of this season's look at the Laws.

In the Leinster programme I introduced, for debate, two scenarios:


At a recent game, Team A was awarded a line-out about 20 metres out.  They tried to throw to the front of the line but Team B hooker stuck a hand out and knocked the ball backwards.  The ball had only travelled two metres.  A number of players stopped but Team A second row picked up the loose ball and grounded it.  The referee awarded a try saying he was playing advantage.

Was the ref correct?

Law "8.3 WHEN THE ADVANTAGE LAW IS NOT APPLIED" stated when advantage is not played: (a) Referee contact (b) Ball out of tunnel (c) Wheeled scrum (d) Collapsed scrum (e) Player lifted in the air

So, yes the ref was right to play advantage (and a pretty good one seeing as the player scored!)

I'll look at the second issue next time!

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