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Anscombe visits Victoria Primary

11th September 2017

Gareth Anscombe took time out of his busy schedule last week to visit Victoria Primary School in Penarth - and he was grilled by 80 Year 6 pupils.

The Cardiff Blues start pitched up at the Penarth primary to discuss the importance of rules and discipline in professional sport.

It was the culmination of the school’s ‘Building the Future’ mini topic with Year 6 focussing on the necessity of rules in society.

With several rugby-mad youngsters in the audience, there was no let up for Anscombe but he inspired the room.

Helen Kerr said: “It can be a daunting experience when faced with 80 Year 6 children, but Gareth did a great job. 

“He did exactly as we had asked and covered the importance of rules and discipline in the sporting world today. 

“He was inspiring and the children were buzzing about  his visit for the rest of the week.  He included a balance of information in respect to his personal and professional life and wasn’t  phased by the questions of so many eager 10 year olds.”

Cardiff Blues Community Manager, Nadine Griffiths said: “We love to be able to get out and about in our community, Visits like this give our players the opportunity to ‘give something back’ and help to inspire many children and an opportunity to meet their heroes. 

“It is vital that we continue to interact with both our schools and our clubs to ensure our game continues to grow.”