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Alfie pays tribute to Shane

10th March 2008

The easy thing for me to do when asked to give some words on Shane would be to dictate the same old quotes into a microphone, but to me this guy deserves the time for me to sit and write in my own words of his achievements in our national game.

I suppose from the off, the odds were stacked against him because of his size in a time when size was becoming everything. His raw pace and ability to dazzle and turn on a sixpence meant it would only be a matter of time until he played for Wales.

I suppose I should have been threatened by Shane as we were both wingers vying for one spot and hungry for tries, but we both always got on and I'm sure we will continue to long after the game has passed us buy. I remember passing the ball to Shane to score a try against Italy and in celebration he jumped up and it was comical as when I watched the celebration back he looked like a child as I held him up in celebration.

From then on he continued to shine for club, region and country, sometimes enough on his own to justify the entrance fee.

If you ask any person would they want to be the record try scorer for Wales, they would say yes and I was no different. It was a great achievement when I had it. But I take my hat off to Shane. I think he's one of the best players in the Welsh team and I will be the first to congratulate him when he does it, just as a friend and somebody who respects him as a player.

To a great player and a good friend, thanks for the memories, and best wishes for the future to you and your family.
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