Cardiff Rugby Environmental & Sustainability Policy

At Cardiff Rugby we believe that being a responsible rugby club means being part of our community in the widest sense.

We know that our performance will be measured not only by our success on the field of play or our profitability as a business but also by our impact on the quality of life in our communities and on the environment we share.

Cardiff Rugby recognises its responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment and will endeavour to maintain sound environmental performance through the continued maintenance of our proactive environmental management system, across Cardiff Arms Park and any other location we operate, which is integrated into our overall business activity.

We are lucky to have the support of RSK, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions, and its Cardiff-based environmental services company MSS Group who have partnered with Cardiff Rugby to use their expertise to help the club achieve its sustainability objectives.

The objectives will continue to be achieved by having clearly outlined management responsibilities and by promoting employee involvement through increased awareness, training and instruction.

We as a club, aim to minimise significant environmental impacts and ensure legal compliance.

Our objectives

  • We as a club, aim to minimise significant environmental impacts and ensure legal compliance.
  • We will continue to strive to avoid polluting the land, air or water and we will take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution at its source.
  • We will avoid hazardous processes or materials where suitable alternatives are available. We will aim to conserve natural resources by minimising the use of non-renewable materials, by recycling materials such as bottles from our hospitality/function suite, by minimising energy use, by using recycled products and packaging.
  • We will continue to seek waste minimisation opportunities.
  • We will continue to develop plans to improve the environmental performance of our suppliers and contractors where appropriate. We will look for opportunities to promote environmental best practice initiatives with our commercial partners. We will continue to encourage our customers to take positive actions in areas such as transport, recycling and purchasing.
  • We will continue to ensure environmentally sound landscaping and ground maintenance at all our sites and will ensure that refurbishment schemes and new construction meet the appropriate environmental standards.
  • We will look to ensure energy consumption is kept to a minimum and where possible use clean / green / sustainable energy sources.
  • We will look to introduce and build on our plant-based food and low carbon food offerings.
  • We will promote our environmental commitment to attract customers to our venue and investors to our company.

Join us and our partners Smiths in following the new Welsh Government law in separating our waste.

The Welsh Government have made this change to improve the quality and quantity of recycling from workplaces. This is an important step towards reaching zero waste, reducing our carbon emissions and tackling the climate emergency.

They want to keep materials in use for as long as possible. With the costs of materials rising, keeping high quality materials in use will help the economy and support supply chains.

Wales is already the best in the UK for domestic recycling and third best in the world.

Please head to one of our recycling stations to dispose of your waste.

There are four bins in every station;


Include: unwanted food, fruit and veg peelings

Do not include: liquids, packaging, plastic bags or wrapping, coffee cups, kitchen roll or paper towels

Paper and cardboard

Include: clean cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers

Do not include: food waste or liquids, jiffy bags, bubble wrap, plastic bags or wrapping, food or drink cartons, coffee cups, paper tissues or towels

Plastics, metals and cartons

Include: food tins, drink cans, clean foil, plastic bottles, plastic cups, crisp tubes, coffee cups, food and drink cartons

Do not include: food waste or liquids, crisp packets, chocolate or sweet wrappers, glass, plastic bags or wrapping, black plastic

General waste

Include: stained cardboard, plastic bags and wrapping, crisp packets, kitchen roll, paper towels, chocolate and sweet wrappers, black plastic

Do not include: food waste or liquids, glass, metals, plastics, food and drink cartons, coffee cups, clean cardboard and paper.