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Wilson provides update on Cardiff Blues injuries

5th September 2017

Speaking at today's Cardiff Blues media session, Danny Wilson provided injury updates on the following players.

Nick Williams: “He’s going through the return to play protocols following a head knock and whether he is back or not we will have to wait to see.”

Ellis Jenkins: “As I understand it there are three parts to the hamstring and he tore one of them off the bone and they’ve reattached that. It wasn’t as bad as Dan Fish, where all three were torn off the bone, this is just one and it has been repaired.

Jack Roberts: “Jack is coming off the back of a minor injury and will slowly work back into rugby. He is available.”

Gareth Anscombe: “Chicken is quite a way away… at least a month. His groin needed rest and specific treatment. 

“It is an ongoing issue. There is no point having Gareth for two or three weeks and then having him out for a month. We need to try to get this sorted once and for all.

“He is going through some treatment, which has proved successful with others but it does take a bit of time.”

Dan Fish: “He’s on his way back but we all have to remember he had a very serious injury and we’ve graded him back in with 30 minutes for Cardiff RFC. 

“We need to get his volume to a level where his hamstring is strong enough to play long periods. He hasn’t played any long periods and that is the next stage. 

“We are all eager to see Fishy and want to get him involved but we want to make sure we don’t set ourselves up for a fall by pushing him too much, too soon.”