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Message from Robert Norster

19th February 2007

As all other teams, we have for some considerable time been engaged with various players and their representatives negotiating terms for the coming season/s.

Under the terms of all existing player contracts, we continue to hold an exclusive option to renew existing playerÂ’s futures up until the end of the month of February.

We naturally desire to retain our quality players and provide them with packages commensurate with their market value. It is obvious that in all such negotiations market forces will ultimately prevail. Consequently, we continue to operate under the financial parameters of the wider game particularly those within the UK and Ireland. We recognise that players need to maximise their short careers, but we have to work within that wider marketplace and not an artificially driven internal one.

The team building and pay structure that we have together established at the Arms Park under the astute leadership of David Young is fundamental to us and must not be compromised.

We remain fully committed and confident of bringing the best possible playing talent to the Arms Park in both the short and the longer term. In doing so, we will ensure we continue to provide an appropriate balance combining such players with the very best of our home grown young talent.

Robert Norster
Chief Executive