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Meet our partners: The MSS Group

Corporate | 30th April 2021

At Cardiff Blues we are incredibly fortunate to work with an abundance of brilliant companies from the likes of our Principal Partner The MSS Group, to FTSE100 companies like Jaguar Land Rover and LexisNexis Risk Solutions to local SMEs. 

But why do these companies join the Cardiff Blues family and who are the people we deal with on a daily basis?

In the first of our new Meet the Partners series, we speak to The MSS Group's co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bill Mayne.

Can you explain who the MSS Group are and what services and products you provide?

The MSS Group has core strengths in delivering products and services in hazardous locations, and working with hazardous materials to improve the safety, cleanliness and security of the places people work and live. 


What is your background and why did you launch MSS Group?

I have a background of working in General Management at some fairly large companies including The Principality, BT, and Lloyds TSB. I then reached a point in my forties where I wanted to be my own boss and see if I could make that work. In that regard, being MD of Peter Alan was not just great fun but also a wonderful learning experience.   


What is your biggest success in business?

There have been a many highlights but steering MSS through the tough early years when money was scarce and the risk of failure was high, to where it is today takes a bit of beating. 


What is the key to leadership and creating a good culture?

If we can attract, or identify from within, talented and motivated people, the team will have many different leaders depending on the specific task. I do my best to give the people who work with me the tools and authority to carry out the job and then get out of their way. Too often the biggest impediment to profitable growth is the person who sees themselves as being at the “top” of the organisation.    


Are there any lessons or transferable skills you take from sport, which benefit your company?

There certainly wasn’t any talent involved! I am pretty competitive though which helps and being part of a team is a given.   


Why did you become involved with Cardiff Blues and how has the relationship developed?

Our relationship with Cardiff Blues began in a small way fairly soon after the business was founded. I have always loved sport, and rugby union in particular, so it felt like the right thing to do. I believe that sport can be so beneficial to young people and that the Blues create those sorts of opportunities.   


How does your company benefit from working with Cardiff Blues?

We have never tried to measure the financial benefits, so for us it was less tangible than that. We enjoy the opportunity to invite clients and colleagues to games where we can mix in a more informal way. The shirt sponsorship has certainly created a feel-good factor with the company.


When did you first become involved in rugby?

I first played rugby at School, football wasn’t an option in those days, and then for Muswell Hill RFC when I lived in London. I never had the pleasure of playing for a Welsh club! 


What is your earliest or fondest memory of Cardiff Blues?

I am cheating slightly here but I went to watch Cardiff play Toulouse in the first Heineken Cup Final and what a thrilling game that was. Ultimately it was snatched from Cardiff at the death, and I remember at the final whistle thinking it would only be a matter of time before Cardiff picked up the trophy. It has taken a bit longer than I had expected but I still have my fingers crossed!  


What makes Cardiff Arms Park special to you?

Even to a schoolboy growing up in Ulster in the 1970’s Cardiff Arms Park was an iconic and famous stadium. Home to so many outstanding and exciting rugby talents when Wales were everybody’s favourite second team.