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Join us at Rugby World Cup 2023: Defenders of Tomorrow competition

Community | 1st February 2023


Defender is on the look-out for some special youngsters to join them at Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. 

Is your child passionate about changing the world for the better? Do they help out in your local community or provide a service to support others? Whether it is big or small, we want to hear about how these youngsters are committed to improving the world around them. 

If your child is chosen as a Defender of Tomorrow, they will act as a mascot at Rugby World Cup 2023 later this year in France and walk out with one of the teams. 

Apply now for the chance for your child to be a mascot at Rugby World Cup 2023


Defender of Tomorrow – JLR UK definition 

  • A child aged 7 – 13 who is passionate and committed to changing their world for the better
  • Whether at home, at school, in the local community, or through their rugby club, the youngsters will be actively playing a role to improve the lives of others around them or their local community
  • From championing equality, diversion and inclusion to taking steps to improve the environment, the Defenders of Tomorrow will each have their own story to tell and a passion and commitment for a person, protect or cause that Defender will help them promote and protect for the future