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Blues South 2008/9 Squad Confirmed

5th June 2008

Following the recent training days and Tuesday's final trial at Treforest Performance Manager Gafyn Cooper and U16 Coaches Dan Milton and Julian Burnell have selected a 33-strong summer training squad.

Blues South kick-off their Domestic Regional championships on August 26th against Goggled Cymru who are new to the competition. Training begins on Tuesday 10th June at University of Glamorgan Playing Fields, Treforest at 4:15pm.

Final Squad
Back 3
1. C. Allen
2. R. Patchell
3. H. Robinson
4. S. Jones
5. D. Young
6. R. Allen
1. M. Roberts
2. K. Driscoll
3. P. King
4. J.B. Bruzulier
1. J. Morris
2. J. Hurley
1. F. Gulliford
2. T. Davies
Back Row
1. S. Vial
2. D. Preece
3. R. Phillips
4. L. Jones
5. R. Tucker
6. I. Matthews
7. E. Chilcott
2nd Row
1. T. Hatch
2. J. Delf
3. B. Smith
4. S. Howell
1. S. Bennett
2. R. Reed Smith
3. R. Rowley
4. C. Hole
5. M. Taylor
6. A. Rees (Also H)
1. J. Hopkins
2. P. Lloyd