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Blues Announce New Plans

4th November 2004

Cardiff Blues today announced significant plans for the future, with respect to the coaching set up at Cardiff Arms Park.

David Young’s proposals made earlier in the year for broadening his staff and support structures have been agreed and accepted by the management. Three new skills and unit appointments are to be made: a defence coach, an assistant forwards’ coach and a kicking coach.

Neil Jenkins has already began work as the kicking coach as part of a job share arrangement with the Welsh Rugby Union. The other two coaching appointments have yet to be made but suitable candidates have been identified.

David Young said,
“I presented my proposals some months ago and they were readily supported and accepted. The support I have received from all concerned has been considerable. I pinpointed Neil as our kicking coach last summer but various issues had to be ironed out before he became available and now he is an important addition to our skills coaching. He has already taken three or four sessions with the players and, as you would expect, the feedback has been very positive.

“With the other two appointments, we certainly have people in mind and hope to make formal announcements imminently.”

In a further development, Allan Lewis, the regional rugby co-ordinator, will assume team manager responsibilities on match days.

David Young added,
“I have regularly gone on record in stating that we do not require a full-time team manager. That situation is unchanged. However, there are undeniable advantages in having an extra person with us on match days and Allan fits the bill perfectly. I must emphasise that he is primarily the rugby co-ordinator throughout the Blues’ region and that is where his work will be concentrated. Obviously with his vast experience at club, regional and international level he will also be an added human resource for us and we will use that to our advantage when required.”