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A Word From Tonight's Match Sponsor

27th January 2006

Jobcentre Plus places thousands of people into work each day and help employers to recruit the right people into their vacancies.

Jobcentre Plus – Need a Try before Converting ?

One of the services available to employers and customers is WORK TRIALS.

A Work Trial gives jobseekers the chance to try a job for up to 3 weeks to see if it is right for them.

Employers tell us that an interview doesn’t always give them the right person, and that sometimes they aren’t sure a person can do the job. A Work Trial allows the employer to assess the jobseeker and make sure they are getting the right person.

Employers who have used Work Trials as a recruitment method say it produces the right people for the jobs.

For customers - 80% of Work Trials in Cardiff convert to permanent jobs.

If you would like to find out more about Work Trials (some terms and conditions apply) or any of the help available from Jobcentre Plus to either help you find the right person to employ or get a job come to your local Jobcentre Plus Office.