Edinburgh 18 - 0 Cardiff Blues
HT 10-0
Mon 09 November 19:45 BT Murrayfield Ref: Andrew Brace Guinness PRO14

Lane bursts and fends his way down the touchline and finds support on his inside to put the visitors on the front foot. Good to see the Lane Train back in full flight. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Hallam Amos makes a stunning break down the midfield, splitting the defence open, but just can't release his pass inside to Hill and is tackled by the final defender, who wins a penalty from the breakdown. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Pea. Soup. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


HIA for Kristian Dacey, means Ethan Lewis enters the field. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Owen Lane makes a dart down the nearest touchline and... yup, the ball has gone out of vision again. #insight


Wish we could offer a more comprehensive live commentary, but can't see a thing past the nearest 15m line here.



A host of changes here with Matthew Morgan coming on to replace Summerhill, while Andrews and Murphy replaces Arhip and Ratti. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Try (Opp.)

Dave Cherry is over for Edinburgh's second of the night as a close range line-out drive does the business for the hosts. 15-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Chamberlain kicks for territory, but Owen Lane tracks back to collect and produces a solid clearance to exit the 22. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Academy products Jamie Hill and Ben Thomas replace Lewis Jones and Jason Tovey at half back. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Having spent most of the first half trying to wrestle with the combination of my mask and my glasses, the fog, which has been around Edinburgh for most of the day, returns here at Murrayfield. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14



Brad Thyer makes way for Corey Domachowski. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Cardiff Blues going through the phases on Edinburgh's try line here, but the hosts eventually manage to strangle possession and win the scrum turnover. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Kick Off

It's a deep restart from Tovey to get us back underway and Cardiff Blues win an early penalty as Edinburgh pile off their feet. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Half Time

HALF TIME | HANNER AMSER - Edinburgh Rugby 10 Cardiff Blues 0


Despite the narrow angle, Tovey's penalty brings us to the Edinburgh 22 for a line-out. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


James Ratti with a brilliant charge down on Pyrgos which looks to have lifted the Cardiff Blues camp. They will look to put pressure on the hosts' throw inside the 22. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Good play from Amos who takes Chamberlain's kick and manages to find ground and touch just outside the Edinburgh 22. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Despite a decent carry in midfield, Arhip finds himself isolated and Dave Cherry takes full advantage to win the penalty. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Tovey strikes the uprights and Edinburgh clear their lines. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


First real attacking opportunity, with the likes of Owen Lane carrying hard, results in a Cardiff Blues penalty. Tovey will take a shot at goal. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Great take from Amos under the high ball. Jones looks to catch the defence out with a chip behind but Farndale collects and calls for the mark. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Try (Opp.)

After multiple phases on the Cardiff Blues try line, the hosts power over for a try through prop Lee-Roy Atalifo. Chamberlain converts. 10-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Max Llewellyn trucks it up, but the penalty is won a couple of phases later by Edinburgh and Chamberlain hacks downfield to find the open space behind. Lane collects under pressure but the visitors can't exit and are forced to concede another penalty. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


The home side still in charge of territory and possession here. Olly Robinson comes up with Cardiff Blues' third turnover of the evening as the visitors looks to have their share of field position. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14



Sam Moore is on to replace Will Boyde, who heads in for a HIA 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Summerhill soaks up a big hit form Eroni Sau to take the high-ball in his 22. Tovey clears to find touch just inside the Cardiff Blues half. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Much needed big hit from Garyn Smith in midfield. Excellent technique from the centre on his 99th Cardiff Blues appearance. The next phase sees Brad Thyer heading in for an important turnover. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Edinburgh looking to build some stream in attack, but Arhip and Turnbull combine well to slow some of their momentum. Boyde eventually comes up trumps with the turnover, allowing Tovey to clear. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Summerhill gathers Jones' box kick, and Tovey looks to expose space in the backfield but it's well covered by Pyrgos. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Brilliant chase from Aled Summerhill from the restart, but Pyrgos still manages to exit and find touch inside the Cardiff Blues half. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Penalty Goal (Opp.)

Strong carry from Ally Miller from the midfield scrum, but the number eight is eventually taken down by his opposite number, Will Boyde. Crosbie knocks on at the next phase, but Cardiff Blues are caught offside and Chamberlain opens the scoring with a pen. 3-0 #GuinnessPRO14


Edinburgh enjoyed the majority of the possession in these opening three minutes, but the Cardiff Blues defence holding out well so far. 0-0 #GuinnessPRO14