Cardiff Arms Park Accreditation

Match-day Accreditation

Information for match-day accreditation for all United Rugby Championship and European matches.


How to apply for accreditation

  • The accreditation form will be sent out by the Senior Operations Coordinator to all contractors
  • This form needs to be returned three days before match-day


Where to collect your accreditation

  • Accreditation can be collected the day before match-day from the Ticket Office, which is by our main entrance opposite the Angel Hotel
  • Or can be collected from 10am on match-day from the Ticket Office


What is needed to collect accreditation

  • You will need to show valid photo identification, like a driver’s licence or passport


Access to the grounds on match-day

  • Access will only be granted to people with accreditation from 8am on match-day
  • Accreditation can be collected the day before match-day or from 10am on match-day
  • This accreditation should be worn at all times whilst on site


If you lose your accreditation

  • You will need to fill out a Lost Accreditation Declaration form which will be in the Ticket Office from 10am on match-day. Only the Stadium Manager or Senior Operations Coordinator will be able to approve the replace of accreditation. Access to the ground will only to granted to accredited personnel


Is there parking available

  • Parking on match-days is extremely limited. If required this should be indicated on the accreditation form


Restriction areas

  • We still have areas that are only accessible by certain people. Please indicate on the accreditation form which area you need access to, this will be reviewed by the Stadium Manager and Senior Operations Coordinator




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